Powerful Questions!

I watched the below YouTube video interview with Gary Douglass. He had a couple of great suggestions I am trying out. This is practical stuff for the most part. This is also a pretty a good episode if you don’t mind a little spirituality talk mixed in.

Who does that belong to?

When you sense a thought come up that discourages or gives you anxiety, immediately ask “who does that thought belong to?” You will find that for most things that upset you, are not your thoughts, you picked them up from or because of someone else.

What else is possible?

The power of questions has always been a favorite topic of mine. Sometimes we draw conclusions about things, we would be better off to question. When you encounter and obstacle or something that you don’t like. For example if you don’g like your job, instead of saying or thinking I don’t like my job, ask the question “What else is possible?”

How can it get better than this?

When something good or even alright happens, ask this question. How can it get better than this? This works. First you are acknowledging something good, and then you are putting the universe, or your unconscious to work to answer the question. You might be surprised.

Question instead of React

He also talks about always favoring questions over statements. If we make a statement we are stuck at a conclusion. If we ask a question the universe or our unconscious might give us an answer. He claims that his life is much better because he always favors questions, over making statements.

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