Your Remote Life Coach

Hi my name is Brent Pinkston.  I am a certified life coach coming from a Christian perspective. I am just getting started in my practice would like to extend an invitation to five individuals to take advantage of three one-hour remote Life Coaching sessions free of charge.   

A Good Life Coach Will: 

  • Provide insight and accountability to help you achieve your life’s goals. 
  • Is much less an advice giver, than someone who helps you to develop the potential you already have within you. 
  • Provide a non-judgmental environment and a safe place to share and build on ideas and plans for your future. 
  • Listen to you and NOT push their worldview or way of doing things on to you. 
  • Provides tools and resources that continue to provide benefits long after your life coaching sessions are completed. 
  • Is more concerned with your goal achievement than a long-term coaching relationship. 
  • Keep all communications confidential and private.  

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