My name is Brent Pinkston. I work as a Senior Data Engineer for a cyber-security company, and am a certified life coach living near Tampa FL. I spent most of my life trying to get better. Now I am just better. I am not rich or famous, but happier than I have ever been. That is something.

You are not your thoughts, your past, or how you feel.

Kane Ramsay

I have experienced some terrible things in life and some of them even happened.

Mark Twain

It’s your mind, things should be the way you want them in there. Isn’t it?


A bit more about me.

I work full time as a Data Engineer in Tampa FL, and doing a little bit of Life Coaching in preparation for retirement in a few or more years. I am working a hybrid schedule part of the week at home, and the other part in the office.  I have to say I didn’t want to go back to the office at first, but now I am enjoying being in the office a few of days a week. I am not currently taking any new Life Coaching clients. As always I continue to work on myself. Lord knows the six inches between these two ears need daily attention. I think sometimes people get the idea that it is normal to have it all together and nearly perfect. Well I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but everyone struggles a bit in one way or the other. In Spite of this, life seems to get a little better every day.

Over the last couple of years my faith has evolved. I still believe there is intelligence behind creation, it is all the other stories I am questioning. I have been studying pragmatic consciousness. (What is it like to be awake and aware?) Consciousness is all the rage in science right now. Even quantum physicists are skirting the edge of the study of consciousness. There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds.  I practice mindfulness and meditation daily, and it has been life changing.  I think it just quells the incessant thoughts that tend to take over your mind sometimes.  Along the same lines I am working to live in the present moment, and keeping thoughts of the past and future well disciplined.  

Both of my daughters are grown now and have been on their own for awhile. They both got married this year and have given us two great son-in-laws. I have been spending a bit of time contemplating what the second part will look like. My wife and I have been saying we are going to take more vacations, but this has been an inconvenient year for that it seems. For the first time in my career I am taking more than a week off every year which is good. My wife has had two shoulder surgeries this year, between that and two daughters getting married it has been quite a year.  We are planning a couple vacations for next year along with our normal visits back to our family homes in Ohio.

We moved to Florida seven years ago, and this year I am going to work on enjoying the outdoors a little more.  We have a beautiful bike trail, almost right outside our door, which I use at least a couple times a week, and I hope to add to that. My wife loves the beach, so I am going to get a little more beach time this year.  I am not a beach person, but I love to sit and look out over the water for a couple hours at a time.  If I take my bike, I can kill two birds with one stone. 

Just like every other person my age who is saving for retirement, I have seen a negative impact on retirement funds this year.  One lesson that I wish I had learned earlier in life, is that financial wealth comes from investing early in income producing assets.  It seems like our lifestyle increases with salary, and you can’t have too much saved for retirement.  I don’t think I will ever retire completely.  This is not because I couldn’t retire, but because I don’t think I will want to completely retire. My hope is to give back during retirement more than earn.

What do you think?

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