My name is Brent Pinkston, and I work full time as a Sr. Data Engineer in Tampa FL. I started studying Psychology, Counseling, and Life Coaching a few years ago. This started out as a personal journey for me, but since that time I have acquired a passion for sharing information that has been valuable to me. I have experienced profound changes in the way that I see the world that has allowed me to be happier and more content that I have ever been. I also find myself naturally more effective as a result of this transformation. We can always change the world, but we can help change one life at a time. That is my hope. The following quotes are much deeper than a surface reading. It is what underlies the quotes that has dramatically changed my life. Please feel free to visit reach out. I am always happy to network and hear from others who want to make a better life for themselves.

You are not your thoughts, your past, or how you feel.

Kane Ramsay

I have experienced some terrible things in life and some of them even happened.

Mark Twain

It’s your mind, things should be the way you want them in there. Isn’t it?


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